Cutting edge technical rescue training.

Providing comprehensive technical rescue solutions including training, ongoing team development, and equipment.

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Elevate your training.

We have the technical expertise to develop a training program and equipment cache for your agency based on your team composition and mission profile.

Vector Rescue is proud to be recognized as a Petzl Technical Partner and we are the only rescue PTP in New England.
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What our clients are saying…

Earlier this week I had the privilege to train with the team at Vector Rescue. I was able to ascend, descend, and perform a pick-off safely and efficiently as a single rescuer. In the modern fire service we are being asked to do more and more everyday with less manpower, and the training provided by Vector Rescue offered me the skills to answer that call!
- Jeff N.
This was hands down the best class I have ever been to. The instructors' positive attitudes as well as their ability to allow us as students to problem solve was amazing. The way the instructors presented material and coached us through the material and provided pointers, asked for our input, got to know our department SOPs, and asked us to share information between other students showed a dedication towards the craft and towards the art of teaching to each individual student. I cannot recommend Vector Rescue enough and look forward to taking more classes in the future.
- Student
The entire day was great, from start to finish. I was physically and mentally shot at the end of the day, which tells me I got the most out of it that I could.
- Kris E.
The instructions from the instructors were spot on. For a beginner, the technical portion of the class seemed confusing and above our capabilities. After the hands on explanation, the instructors made it seem old hat to us. Outstanding training crew!
- Student
Awesome training company. We’ve now had 2 classes with them and highly recommend. First class instructors!
- Michael F.
Great course and very knowledgeable and professional instructors. The course provided a great deal of hands on training that was extremely beneficial. Would highly recommend any future training opportunities w/ Vector Rescue.
- Student
Great guys who are passionate about their work. Very knowledgeable in their skills.
- John B.
This course was by far one of the best trainings I’ve been fortunate to attend. The instructors were student oriented, and made us as the students their priority which led to a better training environment. This course was amazing in the fact that we had top notch instruction, followed by hands on skill stations.
- Student

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What we do.

As a Petzl Technical Partner, we are recognized experts with a thorough understanding of the industry. We deliver comprehensive technical rescue solutions for many organizations including Municipal Fire Departments, EMS agencies, private industry, military units, and more.

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Our many services include:

  • OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Training
  • Rescue Consultation
  • Rescue Standby Services
  • ITRA Training & Assessment
  • NFPA Compliant Initial Training
  • NFPA Compliant Refresher Training