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Providing comprehensive technical rescue solutions including training, ongoing team development, and equipment sales.

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Elevate your training.

We have the technical expertise to develop a training program and equipment cache for your agency based on your team composition and mission profile.

Vector Rescue is proud to be recognized as a Petzl Technical Partner and we are the only rescue PTP in New England.
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What our clients are saying…

I have been fortunate in having taken two separate classes with Vector Rescue (Arborist Rescue and Arizona Vortex). The instructors were well versed in their craft and their methods of instruction were such that anyone could comprehend the lessons and perform the skills with confidence.
- Dan B.
For a beginner, the technical portion of the class seemed confusing and above our capabilities. After the hands on explanation, the instructors made it seem old hat to us. Outstanding training crew!
- Stephen M.
Awesome training company. We’ve now had 2 classes with them and highly recommend. First class instructors!
- Michael F.
The instructors were top notch, and I learned a tremendous amount of information. I came out of the course feeling more confident in myself and the equipment. I truly enjoyed my time with the class.
- Jeff P.
Premier rope rescue training cadre in the state. Worth every minute and dime to train with Vector Rescue.
- Kyle S.
The instructors provided a refreshing teaching style with a "hands-off" approach, where students were allowed to work through problems, even if they were going to fail, as long as it did not endanger the safety of the students, instructors, or equipment. This provided an excellent learning environment, as the students relied on each other's experience and knowledge to correct mistakes, rather than just the instructors.
- Erik A.
I have taken advanced rope classes in CT, NH and ME and I can confidently say this was the most informative, well balanced and just plain fun classes especially compacting it into a 2 day 16-hour class. All instructors were extremely knowledgeable not just about use of the systems, but rigging theory and the math behind applied forces and resultant forces, which was a nice addition that is often left out of other rope programs.
- Ryan B.
Vector provided training that was customized to fit my departments needs. These guys were professional, engaging, and challenged us with new methods and ideas. We look forward to working with Vector Rescue again soon.
- Jason S.

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What we do.

As a Petzl Technical Partner, we are recognized experts with a thorough understanding of the industry. We deliver comprehensive technical rescue solutions for many organizations including Municipal Fire Departments, EMS agencies, private industry, military units, and more.

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Our many services include:

  • OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Training
  • Rescue Consultation
  • Rescue Standby Services
  • ITRA Training & Assessment
  • NFPA Compliant Initial Training
  • NFPA Compliant Refresher Training