Decontamination. The common phrase we’ve all heard is “per manufacturer’s recommendation”.  We’re used to regurgitating this while teaching and for certification exams. Cleaning guidelines can be found in the paperwork that accompanies most of the gear we use. Most of the time this is pretty straight forward, and dare I say, something that often takes the ‘back burner’ on a list of priorities when it comes to gear care.

COVID-19 and the unknowns associated with it present some unique questions regarding appropriate decon. Petzl has released specific guidance for decontaminating their gear as it relates to COVID-19. In the face of this pandemic, arborists, the rope access industry, rescue entities, and even sport disciplines, such as climbing, caving and mountaineering can all benefit from a ‘refresher’ in decontamination. After all, the goal is to climb another tree, bag a new summit, and save another life.

Stay healthy and safe.