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Petzl Technical Partner

Vector Rescue is proud to be recognized as a Petzl Technical Partner and we are the only rescue PTP in New England. A PTP is “a recognized expert company or individual in a vertical environment that demonstrates a thorough understanding of their respective industry, contributes to the development of best practices, and meaningfully integrates Petzl into their systems and curriculum.”

This designation allows us to deliver certain Petzl content, have priority access to training for our staff, and gives us direct access to Petzl technical resources. All of which combine to enhance the high quality training and equipment sales we provide for our clients.

Our Services

Custom Classes Designed to Your Needs

We offer private/custom courses that are tailored for the customer’s mission profile and current equipment cache. For more information, click below.

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NFPA Compliant Initial Training

We offer initial training at the Awareness, Operations and Technician levels, that meets and exceeds the Job Performance Requirements of  NFPA 1006 (2021ed) Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications.

NFPA Compliant Refresher Training

The NFPA recommends an annual refresher and skills validation for all disciplines of technical rescue provided by an organization. We offer customizable refresher training consistent with NFPA 1006 (2021ed) that is tailored to your mission profile and current equipment cache.

Rescue Standby Services

Do you have a unique project that entails work at height, confined space or other hazardous conditions? Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of a foreseeable event and prepare our clients for the unforeseeable. We work with our clients to provide a comprehensive solution that includes a complete risk analysis and deployment of a standby rescue team.

OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Training

OSHA requires employers to provide fall protection training for all employees who may be exposed to fall hazards. Our comprehensive program meets and exceeds all OSHA training requirements for both construction and general industry.

ITRA Training and Assessment

The International Technical Rescue Association provides global credentialing of technical rescuers and instructors across a wide range of disciplines. We offer ITRA Rope and Confined Space training and Assessment services in both contract and open enrollment formats.

Who we work with

  • Municipal Fire Departments

  • Industrial Fire Brigades

  • USAR Teams

  • EMS Agencies

  • Private Industry

  • Military Units

  • Municipal Public Utilities

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The following are frequently asked questions from clients and students about the courses we offer, and other types of requirements. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

General PPE required for our courses:
  • Rescue Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Class 3 rescue harness
  • Close toe footwear suitable for hiking
  • ANSI compliant eye protection
General PPE recommended for our courses:
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunblock
  • Layers for inclement weather (suitable for season)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bugspray

What our clients are saying…

All killer. No Filler.
- Matt S.
This course was by far one of the best trainings I’ve been fortunate to attend. The instructors were student oriented, and made us as the students their priority which led to a better training environment. This course was amazing in the fact that we had top notch instruction, followed by hands on skill stations.
- Matt S.
I have taken advanced rope classes in CT, NH and ME and I can confidently say this was the most informative, well balanced and just plain fun classes especially compacting it into a 2 day 16-hour class. All instructors were extremely knowledgeable not just about use of the systems, but rigging theory and the math behind applied forces and resultant forces, which was a nice addition that is often left out of other rope programs.
- Ryan B.
For a beginner, the technical portion of the class seemed confusing and above our capabilities. After the hands on explanation, the instructors made it seem old hat to us. Outstanding training crew!
- Stephen M.
This was hands down the best class I have ever been to. The instructors' positive attitudes as well as their ability to allow us as students to problem solve was amazing. The way the instructors presented material and coached us through the material and provided pointers, asked for our input, got to know our department SOPs, and asked us to share information between other students showed a dedication towards the craft and towards the art of teaching to each individual student. I cannot recommend Vector Rescue enough and look forward to taking more classes in the future.
- Ben R.
The instructors provided a refreshing teaching style with a "hands-off" approach, where students were allowed to work through problems, even if they were going to fail, as long as it did not endanger the safety of the students, instructors, or equipment. This provided an excellent learning environment, as the students relied on each other's experience and knowledge to correct mistakes, rather than just the instructors.
- Erik A.
Premier rope rescue training cadre in the state. Worth every minute and dime to train with Vector Rescue.
- Kyle S.
The instructors were top notch, and I learned a tremendous amount of information. I came out of the course feeling more confident in myself and the equipment. I truly enjoyed my time with the class.
- Jeff P.

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